Working Alongside

In our non art professions, we have both worked supporting communities and individuals, Rhona in the health sector and Vicky leading community engagement programmes. We are deeply committed to working alongside groups and communities, enabling engagement in creative practice.

We believe participation in forms of creativity to be immensely helpful in improving well being.  Translation and exploration of ideas through artistic media can offer groups and communities rich ways of developing healthy resources and connections.  We like to explore and develop prosocial spaces and processes through our work.

To date we have run three art participation projects:


For #BeeVocalCreative we created a large scale depiction of the first public performance of Manchester’s Bee Vocal choir at the Manchester Together With One Voice event in May 2018.  The concert was organised by Manchester City Council to mark the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing.  The monochrome panel captured memories and moments from the day.  We invited choir members to come together to colour, embellish and complete this piece in August 2018.  The finished artwork was divided into smaller pieces to share amongst those who contributed.


#Joeloween was a playful project set in the premises of Joel  Francois Hair in Chorlton, Manchester, in October 2018.  A large image along a ‘Hammer Horror’ theme was created, featuring the salon hairdressers.  We then joined customers and staff as they coloured and completed a finished piece over the Halloween week.


#Portr8gate was designed as a participative community art event run as part of Chorlton Arts Festival 2019.  This too was based at Joel Francois Hair over two days in September 2019.  We co-created self-portraits with both adults and children engaging in the event through a combination of portrait photography and digital image manipulation.  Participants then worked on the pieces using materials we provided, producing a gallery of over 50 original art pieces on display for the duration of the festival.

Some feedback from #Portr8gate participants:

“Today was lovely, very soothing, good fun, immersive….Sat down for 3 hours colouring in whilst talking. Hats off to you and Vicky for the concept.  Sounded so simple but in fact must have taken lots of graft and imagination.  Thankyou.  My fear of picking up a paintbrush has diminished and I felt lighter on departure.”

“Had a fabulous time.  Had time out of our day to be creative as a family and around new people.  I think the whole thing was a great idea, will keep eyes peeled for any similar workshops.”

“Very relaxing.  Completely uncritical. Took me out of myself and raised my mood.”

To see a gallery of images from the #Portr8gate event, click on this link.

If you would like to explore working with us  on a participative project for your team, group, or community, contact us at